Add a Memory Foam Cover to Enhance Your Sleep Environment

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29 Jul 2019
But fatigue, listlessness and depression are perhaps the most SlumberPM commonly visible symptoms of such an individual. Low blood pressure fatigue is also closely associated with the functioning of the adrenal glands, located on top of each kidney. These glands release a specific type of hormone that helps us to deal effectively with the normal stresses of everyday life.

Interestingly, proper functioning of the adrenal glands can result in deep restorative sleep! This is the reason why doctors check the adrenal glands when they diagnose sleep apnea. The release of hormones from these glands is also responsible for overcoming hypothyroidism or sub-optimal performance of the thyroid.

There is a condition called adrenal fatigue, which results in a host of disorders including low blood pressure fatigue, reduced blood sugar levels, dizziness when standing up, depression, low alertness, loss of scalp hair, reduced metabolic rate and many more. The other reason for low blood pressure fatigue is when circadian rhythm (sleep-wake timing) is altered.