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New member
7 Ago 2019
Constant Concentration When you begin to see the results of the hard work you invested in seeking knowledge you will want to repeat it over and over again. It will eventually become easy because you are doing it so much. After you learn something new it is like a new toy you want to play with it all the time. Never let this feeling go away and if it tries to make sure to reignite that flame. The more you want to do something then the harder it will be for it to fade in the background due to lack of use. Keep the want to seek new knowledge alive and never let it die.Chew on THIS!: A number of studies show that chewing gum can boost brain power, including memory, reasoning, and attention. It doesn't matter if Double Bubble or Big Red, although we're sure your dentist would prefer something sugar free. So when you're cracking the books, pop in a piece of your favorite gum and get chewing.